About Janice Lipsky

President,  JLipsky Agency.

Dr. Lipsky has over 23 years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical device marketing, marketing research, and team leadership. As the former VP of Global Marketing at Ulthera, Inc. she was part of the management team that drove a successful acquisition by Merz Pharma, GmBH. Prior to that, she spent several years at Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation heading up the Aesthetics Marketing department.

Prior to joining Medicis, Ms. Lipsky spent twelve years at Pfizer, Inc. During her tenure there she headed up the US Viagra Marketing Team, helping drive the brand to $1 billion, and launched Chantix®, Pfizer’s highly successful brand for smoking cessation.

Dr. Lipsky is a speaker, author and researcher. She holds BA degrees in Psychology and Sociology from the State University of New York at Binghamton, and MA and PhD degrees in Social/Organizational Psychology from Temple University.